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Green Tea Pure: Green tea

Jasmine Romance: Green tea, Jasmine flowers

Mint Mystique: Green tea, Mint flavouring, Spearmint

Lemon Vitality: Green tea, Lemon flavouring, Lemon peel. Each tea has been lovingly developed and enjoyed over the years, giving you four truly cherished green teas. But don’t just take our word for it - our Jasmine Romance and Mint Mystique teas have both won Great Taste awards. The judges praised our jasmine green for having “a bright, clean tea base with appealingly sweet and fresh jasmine character”, while they described our mint green as “a clean-tasting green tea with clear spearmint flavours.”

You’ll find five teabags of each in our Green Tea Selection, giving you a perfect choice of brews to pick from. Each bag is individually foil-wrapped to seal in its freshness and ensure every cup tastes as good as it should. Drink a Green Tea Pure when a gentle, delicate brew is all you need. Lemon Vitality is the go-to for a refreshing, zesty kick to your day, while Mint Mystique exhilarates the palate and soothes digestion. When only a relaxing, botanical brew will do, Jasmine Romance is a naturally delicious cuppa every time.

For all of the teas, we recommend brewing the bags in hot water at around 80 to 85°C – the ideal temperature to release the blend’s colours, aromas and flavours without drawing out any bitterness. Simply pour freshly boiled water into your cup or pot and leave it for two to three minutes before adding the teabag, or use a kettle with a variable temperature setting.